Important Considerations

Did you know that certain claims are barred if not acted upon quickly by Statues of Limitations and other time deadlines?

Certain examples:

  • 30 days to file a No-Fault application to get you r medical paid for in a car accident (with extremely limited exception)
  • 90 days to file a Notice of Claim against a Municipality (with extremely limited exception)
  • 1 year and 90 days to sue City Municipality
  • 3 Years to sue a Private individuals or Private entities (except less time in Medical Malpractice cases)

Document the best you can in a timely and prompt manner when you are in an accident.

  • Police Report
  • Accident Report
  • Photographs of:
    1. visible injuries (include your face in the pictures)
    2. of the accident location
    3. vehicles involved in the accident
    4. of the defect that caused the injury if a premises accident
  • Witnesses names and contact information
  • Were there cameras where you got hurt?
  • Were you taken to the hospital?
  • When did you first see a doctor?

Factors that may be important for your case:

  • Weather conditions
  • Were there any foreign or natural substance involved to cause your accident such as snow &ice or a crack in the sidewalk?
  • Use of Seatbelt
  • Distracted Driving
  • Involvement of alcohol or drugs
  • Speeds traveled?
  • Distances
  • Sizes of defect
  • Were glasses or contact lenses being worn?

What did the premises look like?

  • Did the premise owner or lease holder cause the defect, have constructive or actual or constructive notice of the defect?